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hello ladies. 

Im new here so bare with me, haha. 

me and my parter are TTC for our first. I was wondering what everyone's experiences were like when TTC, how long did it take and what symptoms did you have, also blw affected where you with implantation bleeding? And anything else you're willing to tell. Thanks very much ladies! X


  • I am exactly 4 weeks pregnant today and I got my BFP+ test 13 days past ovulation!! (dpo) Implantation may have occured on 9dpo, but the hcG is only strong enough to be detected 3-4 days after implantatiin. Still, that is is using a first response sensitive preg test. Using an ovulation predictor kit truly helped me finally pick up the lh surge to with leads to ovulation 12-36 hours later. Definitely understand cervical mucus to give you a better estimate of the time of your ovulation.

    My symptoms: weird belly cramps below belly button, lower adnominal cramps, lower back cramps, increased sense of smell, frequent use of restroom, constipation, little acne, exhaustion as if I ran a marathon, and slightly larger breasts but "Not sore breasts".

    New Mommy!!!

    Qs? [email protected]

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