Trying to get pregnant at 40 (10 months and no luck) any positive stories welcome please

My husband and I have been trying for our first child together for 10 months , in early May I had a early miscarriage , I already have 3 gorgeous teenages ,but I would love to give my husbAnd a child as he has none of his own , I'm starting to wonder can't it happen for us naturally?? has anyone got any happy stories to tell of trying at my age for a while but still managed to have a happy ending ????? Many thanks kel 


  • My friend Cat had her first baby almost 2yrs ago at 40yrs old.

    I am 37 & currently carrying twins who were conceived naturally. 

    Anything is possible. X

  • Hi kazzie thanks for sharing that with me, I'm just starting to worry I'm to old, my periods are clock work every 29 days and I'm sure in still ovulating , maybe I'm just being to  impatient, 10 months feels like such a long time to of been trying , my husband thinks I worry to much and it will happen eventually xxx

  • Hiya. I am 44 and currently pregnant naturally with my second. It has been a long road as I had my son at 39 but it can happen. For us we had decided to stop trying and be happy with our son but fate obviously had a different plan and we got a big surprise in January which we are beyond thrilled about.

    Wishing you lots of luck


  • Earth angel that's fantastic and a huge congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy , hearing these things gives me hope 😀😀😀 I think a big part of the problem is I'm becoming a bit  obsessed with trying , and being scared of letting my husband down . Yet he is so relaxed and happy with us the way we are and says he doesn't care how long it takes xxxxxxx

  • Hi! I posted in the forum today looking to chat with others a similar age to me who were also trying to conceive. I was kindly directed to this thread. I'm 44 (45 next month) have 2 boys ages 8 & 9 and would dearly love number 3! Sometimes I just think i'm too old and should accept the fact, then I think if I don't try more actively I will always regret it. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies in the last 3 years (that I am aware about) so know that getting pregnant is possible. I know what you mean about becoming obsessed kel1020, it's all I think about at the moment. This is my first month charting my temperature and using opk's so I'm even more obsessed than normal. Earth angel, congratulations on your pregnancy! How fantastic, your post gives me some hope!

  • Hi I know this is an old thread but I just wondered if anyone still wanted to chat? I am 41 and desperately ttc xxx 

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