Help! Not sure if it's implantation bleeding!

I'm not sure if I'm having my period or an implantation bleeding. Yesterday when I wiped myself there was a pink discharge. Through out the day I noticed that nothing was getting on the pad, only when I would wipe myself there would be a discharge. First it was pink, then it was red, and at night it was just a brown discharge. Today that I woke up im having a bright red blood flow. It's  light and I never have light periods. 

Ive been having a bad headache for 3 days and I keep having to go to the restroom to pee. 

is there anyone that has experienced the same thing? 



  • I'm having the same kind of problem. I have 2 kids and when I found out I was pregnant with my son I was about a month pregnant but I hadn't had a period for 6 months. After him my periods were so sporatic. Actually right now I haven't had a period in over a year. I started out having brown discharge then pink mixed with it. That's been going on for about 2 days. Well I bled a little heavier today for only an hour. (Sorry for the TMI but you could see it in the potty.) Then went right back to the spotting. To make it even more confusing I have 2 uteri. So I'm as lost as you are with this one. It certainly sounds like implantation bleeding for you!!!

  • I had the same recently. 8dpo I very lightly spotted pink and a little brown at the end and only did that for 2 days. I'm a week from AF and I've had no cramps or any other symptoms. I'm praying for it to have been IB. 

  • Update:

    Sorry for TMI but Earlier today the bright red blood was actually getting on the pad, but again it's just when I wipe. I'm also getting a few cramps. 

  • I'm going through the same exact thing today.  I'm so confused about it all! 

  • Same here!! As soon as this ends I will take a pregnancy test! 

  • I'm just as confused. Af was due yesterday and today I noticed really light pink when I wiped. I thought I saw a faint positive the other day and thought just maybe I'm leaning more towards evap ☹️ Ugh so confused 

  • I am too. I just don't want to do it too soon. I would be heart broken. I want to have one more and be done. 

  • Any updates TaraDC and Jackobell? 

  • Other than I just all of a sudden just stopped spotting yesterday. I haven't spotted any today. I haven't made it to the store to buy a test. I'm going today and testing in the morning. I will let you know asap!!

  • Do you have any update Mrnkrn? 

  • I'm still spotting. 😫

  • I absolutely dislike being confused and waiting. It's the worst!!

  • Well now I'm confused again...go figure! Stopped spotting last night and none it's morning. Go to the restroom to go potty and I'm spotting again. It's not in the toilet just when I wipe!! It's red in color again. I'm gonna  check it out again in a little bit!!

  • Exactly the same thing is happening to me right now. Just when I wipe. I hate this suspense feeling. 

  • It's super wierd

  • Update.. Today I put a tampon in when I went to work just in case. There was hardly anything on it and now nothing. Its definitely not normal. I'm so confused! I normally have pretty intense cramps when my af is here, but nothing. Only a little poking feeling once in a while on my right. I'm going to have to wait and see what happens. 

  • I agree waiting is the worst! And not knowing wth is going on..ugh

  • Hey Mrnkrn...are you still spotting? I have a question for you. When you were spotting is that when you felt the cramping? That's the on time I feel the cramping is when I'm spotting!!

  • Its been the same for me all day. Just when I wipe its red, but it's such a tiny amount now. 

    And yes that's when I also felt cramps. 

  • Mine is getting very light also. I guess I'm gonna wait a couple of days after. That way I don't cause myself too much heartache. If it's negative it's just negative. I just really wish it's postive!! 

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