10dpo with very faint line


Me and my OH have been TTC for over 6 months now. Normally I'll get  cramps before my AF but I've felt rubbish for a couple of days


- cramps

-runny nose/sore throat


-extremely tired 'like loads'


i know I O on 9.06.16, I tested on the Thursday which was 7dpo and got a BFN 😞 but after my friend told me she was pregnant and we've been trying for 6 months I brought a tesco own brand and tested this morning and to me I swear I can see another line PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME !! 


  • I know I sound like a broken record because I've said this on a few posts lately, but I really don't trust faint lines on blue dye tests. i've read so many stories about how bad they are for evap lines/false positives.

    suggest trying a pink dye test with first morning urine, good luck, I hope it ends up as a BFP for you! 

    10dpo is still early days so it may still be faint even with a pink dye but they are much more reliable

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    Thanks for the heads up, I'm going out to get the first respone in the morning and test again with that and then when my AF is due in Thursday 

  • imageAsked the boyfriend to get the other one and he came back with the clear blue saying their better ... They all look the same ish :/ am I pregnant or is it my eyes or the Evap

  • clear blue are really bad for evaps and faint lines that look like faint positives, if you want a reliable answer take a pink dye test, good luck!

  • I don't know if you have experienced this but my AF is due but I just have cramps and White cm 

  • Will you do another test lewis? Only way to know, good luck!

  • Did you end up being pregnant 

  • image

    am I just seeing things or could this possibly be a faint line 

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