Unsure if I'm pregnant....

hi all

im new here, and in need of some advice... ive been having some unusual things happening and not sure if I'm pregnant.

last week I had what can only be described as a brown period with occasional pink a week before my period was due (sorry for too much information) it went on for 6 days and was due my period yesterday, but nothing so far.. Not even the usual cramping that I would normally have.

i have also been feeling tired, or getting tired quite easily at work etc (I work in retail)

no other real symptoms other than a few very mild cases of nausea, loss of appetite and last week I had a cold

i had a negative test so I'm not quite sure what to think.. Has anyone had this? 

Thanks in advance x


  • Just an update for anyone who read this... I am In fact pregnant, which is wonderful news..

  • Congratulations busybee x

  • Thankyou very much x

  • Im ttc...I been on the pill for 1 month in April and stopped taking them on may 17 midpack.. and and been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend alot thru out the day for 2 or 3 days a week after i stopped the pill ..i had my withdrawal bleed or cd1 i guess on June 1st -6th and continued having sex more often 2-3 days a week after the bleed...so it is now July 12th and lately I been having light bleeding/spotting since July 6 and been going on for some days now the 1day it was brown creamy like discharge then changed to light brown watery like and pinkish then day2 it was very faint pinkish/reddish thru out the day then day3 it turn to bright red but watery no clots and wasn't heavy like a normal period and also it was light..I wore a pad just to see if some would come on there and it was just a small spot size of a quarter but the blood was dark brown on the pad but bright red when I whip on toilet paper...day4 it was still bright red but still light and had some pinkish blood in it and then later on that day it turned to light very faint reddish/pinkish spotting then for the last 2days it was just light spotting but faint pinkish and brown...i also been having mild light cramps,sore breast and nipples especially when i have a bra on or off and they feel heavy,nausea when i eat a certain food that i like which is unusual to me,peeing more often,fatigue,light headed sometimes,feeling really gassy in the lower abdomen and feel bloated and passing gas alot this been going on for 2 days now And also feeling hungry more.... could it be implantation bleeding I have experienced? I didn't know I could've ovulated that quickly after stopped the pill..I took a hpt yesterday it said bfn probably cause its to early but I will test again soon...if I ovulated right after I had my withdrawal bleed like a few days after the bleed or a few weeks after the bleed from stopping the pill then I would be 2 or 4 weeks preggo now...looking for that bfp soon :)

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