Faint blue line on a home pregnancy test

I don't know if anyone has had this problem or not but my last cycle was June 2nd for the last 2wks I have been very thirsty like I can not get enough water to drink and have been very tired lightheaded and dizzy with sore nipples and nauseated so on the evening of the 16th of June I took a home pregnancy test that came back positive and then on the morning of the 17th took another one that came back positive both with faint blue lines one that I took on the 16th you can barely see the 2nd blue line it is very faint and the one I took on the 17th you can really see the 2nd blue line but it is faint and then today they did one at the dr office and that one came back negative so now Idk what to think so the dr has me going in so they can do a sono tomorrow any ones thoughts or inputs on this would be greatly appreciated Thank you 


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