16 days late??!! help!

Hi ladies!
So im super confused and a little nervous. i was suppose to start my period around the 4th of this month. (june 4th 2016). I am not sure what day i ovulated. my husband and i do not use any form of protection besides the withdrawl method. I am now spotting light pink and some browinsh discharge. i know tmi. but still no sign of af. i took a 5 days sooner digital preg test a few days ago and it was neg. my periods are a little irregular but usually are around 30 days apart. but this time it is taking too long. i have no other symptoms besides mood swings. no cramps. boobs arent sore. nothing. should i wait till AF comes, take another test or be worrying? maybe im just stressed? please help! thanks


  • If your cycle is roughly 30days & your last AF was March then you would be 6-7wks pregnant which should be a reasonable enough amount of hormone to say yes or no. Maybe try testing again first thing in the morning or ask your GP for a blood check on hormone level

  • I meant May not March 🙄 (Heat is scrambling brain)

  • But if i was suppose to start around the 4th of this month theb im only 17 days late on my period.. Im confused lol

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