TTC Baby number 3

Hi all, I was here a couple of years ago, back when it was baby expert! I have 2 dd's 5 years old and almost 3yo.

I've really been in 2 minds about having a 3rd, from definitely when dd2 was born, to never again after 2 years of sleepless nights. Now we all get sleep and so i'm ready to go again and I'm quite excited :) I'm currently cd10 but I ovulate around cd10-cd14 so we're good to go. Hubs is working away for the rest of this week after tonight so might not be in with much of a chance this month but we'll see!

Look forward to getting to know you all!


  • Hi! I'm new to this, and we're thinking about ttc #3 within the next few months - feel like i should hold off longer as we have a nice family holiday to greece booked for june but i suppose pregnant Ladies can still have fun can't they lol.

    How is trying to conceive going? I'm curious and looking into everyone experiences as my youngest is now nearly 3 everything seems relitively new again xx

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