Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 9

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 8, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Emma I can't see anything hun you should get a faint positive around day AF is due. I always get a good strong pink line on FR day of missed AF but some ladies take a little longer:) good luck xxx

  • Emma, you're not out until you get af! Wait until you're due on though, things could change!

    Hope everyone is ok, I'm just playing catch-up as been in Didcot for work since Sunday, I've spent the last 3 days avoiding moving heavy things. I'm an event organiser and usually would be moving tables, chairs, heavy boxes etc. Felt a bit of a jobs worth but got to be done. I have my scan monday  have my fingers crossed, all symptoms except slightly sore nipples have disappeared which has been freaking me out on and off.......keep googling and think at 12 weeks it's ok! Anyway I'm working from home today as shattered beyond belief.

    Good luck to everyone in tww! And baby dust to all. x

  • Sair, all the best for your scan. Try not to worry so much. 

    Hope everyone is doing ok. 

    Baby dust to all xx 

  • Hello Ladies,

    It's been a minute since I've last chimed in. My miscarriage was 4/27/16 had AF show up exactly 4 weeks later and waiting to see if AF will show this month. We've just been dtd not ferrility testing or basal temps hoping we have a  BFP real soon with tracking my ovulation cycle. I'm hoping for sticky baby dust for all ttc and big congratulations to those who have. I don't want to test only to upset myself if it's negative but I have really been paying attention to my body along with certain symptoms. It's a lil different then before so I can't really say right now but I've got my fx crossed hoping AF stays away. 

  • Hi everyone, I did leave a comment yesterday but it seems to have not posted on here lol, can't remember what I said or who to! So I'm just gonna say congrats to anyone who had positive news in the last couple of days and I'm sorry to anyone who has had bad news or feels a bit down. xx

    AFM- I've been a bit more relaxed this cycle. I've been quite busy so not thinking about it as much. I'm 10dpo and am having the old cramp which comes and goes. I'm due for AF on Friday or Saturday so will see soon if the pineapple and heating womb helped this month, if not I will do it all again next month lol, xx

    My friend is still hanging in there, 26+3. words can't describe how happy I am that she has got this far. I hope she gets to at least 30weeks and all goes well in labour! The baby will be spoilt rotten and who can blame her xx

    lots of love and sticky baby dust to all of you, hope to see lots of BFP's this month including mine xx

  • AF due tomorrow and I feel very wet sorry tmi and I'm having hot flashes but don't feel like AF is about to come normally I'm really moody the day before AF is due and hate the world haha 

  • Hey Ladies, 

    hows everyone doing? 

    Emma92 - have you done anymore tests? Or any sign of AF?

    SCP - so glad your friend is doing well that's such lovely news. Fx for your bfp, we're at the same stage this cycle, maybe a day apart.

    1st luv - sorry for your loss and fx for you :)

    sair - you don't sound like a jobs worth at all, make sure you stay careful and don't give in and start lifting things that are too much, you want to keep that little bean safe and secure :) 

    So this morning I done another hpt as I'm now 10dpo and not 100% sure when af is due as she's very inconsistent. When I looked at the test it was negative and so I went to work, I came back just now though and went to put it in the bin as I had forgot, and when I looked closely I thought I saw the slightest ( and I mean slightest) line. I know it's not reliable looking at them after a certain time but I've taken a photo and changed the filter to the best I can to try and pick it up, but wanted to see if anyone else can see anything or whether I'm just seeing imaginary lines. I will take another in a couple of days if af isn't here


    Sticky baby dust to all xxx

  • AF came full force right on time 😭

  • I can just see it HLE90 fingers crossed for your BFP xxx

  • Hle I can just see a line good luck try first thing in morning xx emma good luck next cycle.x

  • Sorry that af turnt up Emma, fx for next month Hun xx

    Thanks Tracy & mma, I hope it is too, will try and test again Saturday if I can wait that long, or as long as I don't get af. I'm glad I'm not seeing things though lol xx

  • Hle your definitely not seeing things do a frer in the morning :) congratulations xx

  • Sorry af turned up Emma x x

    Can see a faint line Hle look forward to line getting darker for u x x

  • Emma92, sorry AF showed up fx for next cycle

    HLE90x I see a faint line keep testing fx for your BFP

    My appetite has increased over the last couple weeks, light cramping and some back pain but AF is due in a couple days and it's hard to tell pregnancy symtoms for PMS there pretty much associated as the same. A lot of what I left before when I was pregnant doesn't feel as much of the same now like pickles was all I wanted and I would eat and become full really quickly and really sore boobs. If it is this time it's different. I did HPT earlier it was negative perhaps it's too soon last time I was about 4 weeks before testing positive so we'll see hopefully af stays away this weekend. 

    Sticky baby dust all xxx

  • So I've done another test this morning, well I done two lol one of the strip ones and a super drug one


    Couldnt see anything on it, but wasn't until after id left it all day did it have any line anyway! However the super drug one.....


    I can clearly see the faint line! 

    Im trying not to get excited yet as it is very early days, but a part of me is also jumping up and down lol xx

  • Ooooh definitely see a good second line Hle congratulations.I was excited and terrified when I got my bfp.sending happy hugs x x

  • Thank you Nicky, feels a bit surreal. Just keep thinking about what can go wrong, but I'm gonna try to enjoy this pregnancy from the get go, last time I couldn't because of the cancer so this time I'm gonna try to make the most of it whatever may happen xx

  • HLE90X - defo a bfp! Huge congratulations! Xx

  • HLE90X- Wow congratulations, What dpo are you today? I took an Internet cheapie like you did this morning and it was negative but now I've seen yours I think I will fish mine out of the bin when I get home lol I'm 12dpo and due on today or tomorrow. I normally have always not tested until period is a few days late so usually get a strong line by then and my old luteul phase was 16 days so by the time I tested I was at least 21dpo, now lutuel phase is 11 or 12. Also what symptoms have you had for last couple of days? Xx My boobs are hurting more this month and I've had light cramps for couple of days, also (tmi) very snotty CM. xx

    Sticky Baby dust xx

  • It will feel surreal for a while Hle.I still feel scared now don't think it will pass for many of us.Hoping you have a fantastic happy healthy pregnancy and enjoy it as much as you can.I know I've tried to remain positive since my bfp and sometimes it's hard but I'm remaining happy x x

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