I came off my pill about 2 weeks ago, had withdrawal bleeding for 4 days. 2 days later I had what i think was ovulation pains(sharp pains near my left hip) 2 days after that I had sharp pains in the bottom of my stomach. At 8dpo I had really bad pains not like af pains and was really bloated I also had white discharge( sorry about tmi) I'm now 9dpo and the pains and bloated feeling have almost gone but still niggling pains and have white discharge. Does anyone think I am pregnant? Thanks in advance X 
P.s due to coming off bc I don't know when my period is due


  • It sounds as though it's your body adjusting to coming off the pill. I was in a similiar situation as you when I came off the pill. Typical bloating, cramps and mood swings etc. 

    I think after a true cycle things got back to normal. Your true period can take anything from 2-4 weeks. But it really is a case of each woman is different. 

  • Thanks for the reply :)

    that did cross my mind but is it a bit far fetched for me to still hope to be pregnant? X 

  • Some people are lucky to fall pregnant the first month of coming off bc. I'm not sure how the chances are though. It doesn't hurt to test though. I think it's 2 weeks after sex you test? Good luck to you 

  • Thanks for the advice :) 

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