Implantation Bleeding??? HELP!!

Hey, all. 

So my husband and I are on our honeymoon in London so I can't go to any doctors for another week and a half (about). We had sex about 10-12 days ago where he actually (sorry for the vulgar speak) finished in me. Well, two days ago now I thought I had started my period. But it was brownish blood and not super heavy. It was like that for a day, then yesterday it was a bit more red and today it's pink and light. There's some clotting as well, but I'm not sure if that's implantation bleeding? My periods are super irregular but nothing like that has ever happened. It's never been brown before. And even if it is my period, it shouldn't have come for another week anyways. The clotting is the only thing throwing me off and that it's been almost three days now. Any advice and experiences anyone can share would be great, since I can't go to a gyno yet. I really would like to know! 


  • Have you taken a test?

  • I have not, I figured I would just wait because some people say they don't even get a positive during this time 

  • Implantation bleeding wouldn't normally include clotting, 

  • I know, I'm starting to conclude that I might not be pregnant. But then again, a lot of girls I know had their period until four months into pregnancy. I'll just be crossing my fingers at this point 

  • I had my period maybe a couple days early and had no cramps until I came off my period and light amounts of blood when I wiped, what could it mean? Very confused my and my partner are doing the whole if it happens it happens, but right now not sure whats happening, as usually I get a warning sign that am going to come on like v bad cramping in my back but i had no warning on this one, I wouldn't even say I was cramping after my period it was more like  weird feeling, would love some help sorry for the details but really don't know what's going on sorry

  • Hi Jexxy, symptoms can be so different person to person, the only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a test. is you period due yet or late? 

  • Jexxy, normally I don't have bad pains during my periods but this whole week I've had the worst tail bone pain. So bad I want to cry and just lay down until it passes. But I'm still clotting so I have no idea. My husband and I are at a loss of words until we can get home :(

  • My period came early with no pain, but when I came off my period I had pain and a little spotting dont know what to think of it, and hope everything's alright rogueginger don't know if it'd be too early to test or not 

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