faint positive or not

imageHey ladies,n

eeed advice.  pos or evap Line



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    I know it very faint needed opinions. X

  • I can just about see a faint line but it's not clear enough to be sure if it's a positive or not sorry. Try again tomorrow morning with first wee of the day or if you can resist give it a couple of days and try again then for a better result.

  • Thankyyou for the reply. It is very faint indeed. I  wwill test tomorrow morning and then maybe leave a couple days x  ill post my result 

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    I tested again. I know it really like it's not there. But again it's so very faint. Not sure what to think x

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    So these are both he same test which is the 3rd test I have done and it looks like this. . Evaporation line? What do you think x 

  • Looks like the line could be getting stronger, when is AF due ? X

  • Thank you for replying,  my period should in a week x 

  • So I'm currently 2 days late  

  • Have you re tested since the last lot of pics ee ? X

  • I haven't yet tested again emy x

  • I see a faint line in the 3rd pic.

  • The last test I did was 12 days ago now... and I'm3 days late on my period x 

  • I think you should re test ee x

  • I think so too, I am going to retest tomorrow. I will post a picture of the results x 

  • So 11  days late. Did test at 8 days late and was negative. .

  • 😞 I'm so sorry. I know how horrible that disappointment feels... Here's hoping the next cycle will be your month.

    But I would definitely get your cycle looked in to if you're usually regular but this time around 11 days late. 

  • imageimageimage So took a test Wednesday from tesco and another faint line?  16 days late.  

  • Thank you MrsB I think I need to go doctors. I'm sort of giving up  I've used 4 different brands. Tesco, wikos,  savers, morrison.  And they all seem to have a faint line weather it's a evaporation line on all these brands or really a postive. Doesn't seem to be ggetting any darker. But still no period x 

  • Hi! I need a bit of help!

    i have recently got rid of my implant as was having severe periods on it. I then changed to cerelle. Due to working in a hospital and shift patterns I once or twice had forgotten my pill and had unprotected sex  night/ morning after not taking my pill. I don't have a period on the pill so wouldn't know when to take a test. I thought I was 14 days of when I last had unprotected sex  but test came back negative. I feel as if I could be though as I'm getting a metallic taste in my mouth, sore nipples which seem to have gotten bigger, completely off my food, stomach twinges, back pain and got quite bad diorrehea. could I possible be pregnant?thank you in advance for opinions :) x

  • image I definitely see a Line in yours 😀 I've took a photo and changed it to black and white so it looks a wee bit clearer. Can anyone else see it or am I losing my mind?

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