Had bloods done cd 5 going back cd21 has anyone had this done before!

so me and my partner have been ttc for 14 months I'm 23 and he's 31 we've had 2 mc and the doctors don't seem interested I've had to push and push to finally get sorted I had my bloods done today cd5 and have to go back july 13th for a smear and more blood Tests they haven't really told me what they are looking for and don't understand why I'm having a smear test. 

My partner has an appointment for a sperm analysis on Friday 

sorry for the long post any information will be much appreciated xx


  • Hi Emma

    so sorry to hear about both your mcs, its very hard to go through. They are doing your blood tests on different cycle days to determine your hormone levels and as far as I remember they need the smear test to just check for any abnormal cells. They do the semen analysis early to rule out problem with your partners sperm as there would be no need to subject you to a lot of tests if the problem lies with him. Don't worry though all this is perfectly normal. The doctors might not seem interested as they are probably thinking if you have been trying 14 months, that's not a long time in their eyes and also you have gotten pregnant but unfortunately have miscarried, but they see it as you can get pregnant. Hope this helps in some way xx

  • Thank you 😊 xx

  • hi.... the 21 day blood works are to test for a certain hormone (progesterone) that is produced in high quantitys upon the release of your egg. this blood test wil confirm that you have released an egg and ovulated in this cycl... the best of luck xx

  • Sio & Sarah are right Emma, hopefully you get your answers soon but it's a very long process.  My next appointment is November, I probably won't get results until then 

  • Gosh meme that's a long wait. is there nothing can be done to speed that up?

  • No not really. No have to lose weight aswell before they will do anything that might be why the long wait. 

  • I've just rang them, can't get the results before my next appointment and they scheduled me for a 6 month appointment 

  • My cd5 bloods came back absolutely normal and have more tests 13july  

  • sorry you have such a long wait. terrible to have to wait for answers.

    emma glad your cd5 bloods came back ok.

  • There going to check my progesterone levels day 21 to see if I've ovulated.

    meme why is taking that long to get your results I got mine within 2 days I went to my gp for my bloods 

  • i have to get mine from the Gynecologist And they want to wait until they have all the test results.  It's probably because I have to do some work on myself so they are hoping my body will sort it's self out before they have to intervene.  I also haven't been trying as long as you 

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