• Looks like very light possitive because it the samd width hope that helps 

  • Hello I'm in the same bout I have had 2 cbd negative results 3 days after my period was due and did a first response yesterday and this morning and got faint pink line but still not sure what to think .would love some advice plzzzzzz image

  • This is my first test my af is due Saturday so I'm thinking about just waiting it out now and see if af comes (that's if I can beat the wait). I don't particularly want to get my hopes up especially my partners. But I'd say yours was a positive test. But for peace of mind test every other day or every 3 days as hormones get stronger. Or visit you doctor and get a blood sample. Baby dust!! 😊

  • Thank you jade yes I think I will do re test in a day or so and I hope you get the results that you want to its a frustrating time isn't it lol ☺

  • Notsurexx that's an obvious strong positive! 


  • Jadeemma try a first response in a couple of days to see if the line gets stronger good luck 

  • Do you think so beth I really hope so thank you ☺x

  • Jade I'm not sure on yours, did it come up within the timeframe specified on the test? It might be, but possibly to light to tell yet. If it is the line will be darker if you test again in a couple of days

  • Notsure that is FOR SURE a positive!

    congratulations love your preggers! 

  • I'm really hoping so misskiwi had 2 negative clear blue digital last week when do you think the best time to take another test would be .Thank you xx

  • notsure - your line is quite dark, I think you will probably get a positive on the digital now :) 

  • I might try doing one at the weekend then if I can wait that long lol ☺

  • by then you should definately have a positive on the digital :)

  • Thank you I'm feeling very positive now it's my first pregnancy so not sure what to expect .

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