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hi all I went for a blood test yesterday and my hcg level was 1 but I've done four pregnancy tests and they've all came back positives with faint lines? Could I not be pregnant or did I just test way to early? My last period was the 6th of June and lasted around 3 days but was really heavy and intense (didn't have a period about 2 month before that) my cycle is normally short but are irregular. I just want a definite answer I know my body and I do believe i am pregnant. They have re booked another test for tomorrow but I am just totallly gutted when I have gut instincts that I am:( what would my hcg level be by tomorrow is they was level 1 Tuesday? I've read that it doubles every 2-3 days. I have requested a scan but the doctor said its way to early but if it's to early why would they bother doing another blood result? I'm having all the symptoms of pregnancy just low levels of hcg and positive pregnancy tests I just want some support or advice? Anybody?:( 



  • Hpts detect HCG in your urine so you shouldn't get a positive urine test without having HCG in your blood. the blood test is far more sensitive than any urine test. Can I ask what brand of test are you using as there are a few that can have lines that look like very faint BFP but are actually evap or indent. Also are the lines coming up with in the time frame? Can you post a pic ? X

  • imageimageimage Clear blues and the cheap early detect ones all within 5 mins I don't read rest after 10 mins x

  • Sorry to keep asking questions but how long ago did you do these ? X

  • About 4 days ago and not a problem I just want to know. all of this is confusing me:( x

  • I haven't missed a period yet but I have all the symptons you could think of x

  • I don't blame you for being confused I would be too. I personally wouldn't trust the blue dye tests but the pick one does look like a clear positive. I wonder if you have had a chemical pregnancy. Do the doctors think there is a chance your blood HCG might rise ? X

  • I have no idea but they have rebooked me in for tomorrow to do more blood work.  my level was one?l I mean it could've been 0 couldn't of it? I don't understand this and my doctors seem to be so useless I guess I have to wait. I mean all the symptoms I have is adding up to it. Prominate veins especially on my boobs, aching body, feeling more hungry than usual even after a big meal I want to eat gurgles and twinges and my naval feels shallow and tighter etc I'll guess we will find out tomorrow, do you have a clue what my hcg level will double to if it was 1 on Tuesday what should it be tomorrow? Thank you for your help sweet very appreciated :) xx

  • image Excuse the photo lol but this is my boobs and surely I would of noticed these giant blue veins  before? They also feel heavy and bigger maybe I'm just over thinking😔 Xx

  • If you are pregnant the HCG would only roughly double in 48-72 hours but it does tend to rise quickly early on then slow down. They consider any HCG under 5 to be negativ. The most sensitive home pregnancy test in aware of is first response early results and that can detect HCG from around 6mUI. I see what you mean about the veins in the boobs which can be a sign of pregnancy but not always the case. For some reason I developed sore veiny boobs too around 3 weeks ago but am also not pregnant my HCG was less than 1 last week. if it were me I personally would go and buy a twin pack of first response early results do one now and one with my first morning urine, because I personally would also be wondering what the hell is going on. It may be a stupid question but the first test in the picture is definitely a pregnancy test and not an ovulation test ? Xxx

  • Yeah definitely pregnancy test the label just got worn and fell off yesterday for a keepsake as I really thought I was:( doubt there will be any change tomorrow with the blood test but I can only prey thanks for you help xx

  • Good luck for bloods today, let me know how you get on xx

  • Hello I am very new to this site but I am 11 days late for my period but I have taken 2 testes and both came back negative:( but I'm not sure if it's because my HCG levels are still low as I didn't find out I was pregnant with my first child till I was 8 weeks as it never came up in a test. Am I pregnan? 

  • Hi lowritiff I think you should go and see your doctor and speak to them see if they will test your blood for HCG level x

  • Okay thank you very much :)

  • Lowritif have you taken a frer ?

  • Had bloods done today get the results tomorrow wish me luck hopefully my hcg has risen :) 

  • Good luck charchart hope u get good news xx

  • Good luck xxx /charchartrevethan98

  • Tracy44 I don't know what you mean? 

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