Period 6 days late, HPT all negative! So confused!

Hi all, 

Firstly, I should say that me and my OH haven't been trying to conceive but only using condoms since I had implant out nearly a year ago. However, I am now 6 days late for my period which is really strange for me, it'll be a week tomorrow. I have had late ones before (no more than 2 days) but only at times of intense stress (March period was 2 days late due to dissertation stress).

I have a regular cycle so being late is really strange. I am having symptoms of pregnancy that I didn't even know were symptoms until I googled lol I feel so tired all the time since Saturday and sick. I also have this strange feeling in my abdomen, it feels heavy. I am having cramps on and off. This morning, I just ached all over but hips and back mostly. 

Basically my question is, could I be pregnant regardless of negative test? Its not the best timing for us right now, but I wouldn't be too upset if I was, I've always wanted a baby. Also, is this something I should see a doctor for since all the tests I've taken are negative? I have taken a clearblue digital and a few other cheap ones lol Thanks!!


  • If you still have the implant in I think it's unlikely that you are x

  • I'm experiencing some similar symptoms. We are TTC but I only came off the pill little over a month ago. 

    Since last week I've had cramping, spotting, headaches, cold, fatigue, and all sorts of odd symptoms but I think I'm inventing them. I'm due on now but have only had negative HPT

    confused 🤔 

  • Panda unless your condom split and with negative tests it sounds unlikely.  It sounds more likely to be due to stress.  If still not arrived in another week or so go to your Doctors for a blood tests.  

  • Hi n24j, it may just be your hormones re setting from coming off the pill.  You should try testing first thing in the morning and use a first response test they are the most sensitive. If its still negative pop along to your docs and have a chat with them xx

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