4 positives, Negative at doc, Bleeding and now negative

Hi there - 

I had taken 4 tests ( 2clear blues and 1 first response) on Sat and sunday - and all were clear positives. 

On monday morning i took a clear blue digital around 7 a.m. and it was positive - however when I went to A & E i got a BFN (when tested just after an hour)

I then started bleeding - Monday was slightly heavy but less than first day of my period - Tuesday and Wednesday were rather light - more of spotting and blood only when I wiped with a tissue. I have a little bleeding today as well - appears as implantation bleed but not sure. 

I tested this morning and last evening and got BFN!!!  i am not sure what it is - i am presuming a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy would have involved heavy bleeding? seeing the GP tomorrow - but quite anxious - would anyone have a clue what the above could mean?


  • When I had my early mc I had very light bleeding for 3 days but it did progress slowly. Day 4-5 were heavier but not as heavy as my normal period then back to spotting for 2 days I also had no pain. It seams to differ from person to person xxx

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