Got my pregnitude

So I'm 3p years old and recentlt saw my ob for my annual back in February she asked if I wanted kids and I said "one day" she said, "How many?" I said, " 3" she said, "Well you should of started yesterday!" Talk about a reality check. So I decided finally to get off the pill. I been so successful as a corporate women. 3 degrees later I want to be a sahm. Before I had my MHA I knew I wanted to be Mommy. So I'm happy to start prenatals and as my obgyn suggested pregnitude. I had a very VERY VERY painful HSG done in 2010 and all was clear. My ob is confident in ok still because of my health. I got my pregnitude supplement in the mail from Wal-Mart free shipping. I'm excited to start drinking this stuff. I'm unloading pic.imageimage

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