A little advice?

Hi Ladies, 

im just wondering if anyone has been in my situation? My partner and I are TTC and I think I'm letting it play with my head a little. 

I came off the pill when my last pack finished, roughly the 15th of last month, I had my normal period, then roughly a week later had what I can only imagine is a withdrawal bleed. 

As far as I'm aware I'm overdue my period, but I'm stilling waiting for Aunt Flo to pay a visit  I've had loads of symptoms, tender nipples, cramping, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, eating like pig (although thays quite normal lol)

a few days ago I had what looked like a period, I went to bed deflated thinking we would have to wait till next month, but woke up the next day to absolutely nothing. it's now 3 days on and apart from some very light spotting when I wipe there isn't anything noticeable. I've take 3 tests on different days and all negative. 

Im I just being crazy and creating these symptoms myself? 

Thanks for any help and advice ladies xxx


  • Hi! You aren't crazy.

    coming off the pill can give you symptoms that strongly resemble early pregnancy. I was exactly the same the last two cycles and its only after charting for a month and recording symptoms that I realised my symptoms were ovulation symptoms not pregnancy. I'd never had symptoms like that before the pill. It can take a few months for your body to regulate. I had almost every symptom in the book!

    That being said however, its certainly not unheard of for ladies to get pregnant first cycle off the pill before even having a period so if it still doesn't come I'd test again, maybe in another week? good luck :)

  • Thanks Misskiwi, 

    Yes, your definitely right. I guess when you want a baby it does play with you head a little. I suppose you associate the symptoms with pregnancy because that's what your hoping it will be. 

    I might give it a week and see what's going on. 

    Although, I have just read on another thread that after stopping the pill some people don't get a period and regulate for up to 20-30 weeks 😳 

    Thanks cx

  • Hey yes that can happen to some, and then others are back to normal straight away! it can also depend on what kind if pill you were on; combined pill or mini pill?

    I was on the mini pill (progestegen only) pill for 3 years and was not ovulating or having a period while on it. My first cycle after stopping was about 45 days, and my second cycle was a more normal 34 days, I'm on cycle day 5 of third cycle now so it will be interesting to see what length my cycle is this month. I've heard horror stories of women waiting for 6 months plus for a period after this pill so I'm very grateful that didn't happen to me. 

    remember you will find lots of stories of people waiting a long time for normal periods on the internet and forums, because people usually don't bother posting when things are normal as they don't need to

  • Hi N24J!

    Same as what Misskiwi said, I had loads of symptoms my first cycle off the pill and was convinced I was pregnant quite a few times. It took 50 days for my first period to come (which isn't as bad as when I came off the pill about 8 years ago - it took over 100 days that time). My second cycle was a long one too - I ended up ovulating after about 42 days but I ended up getting pregnant that cycle.

    You never know, you could be one of the lucky ones and get pregnant straight away. But if you aren't, then it's perfectly normal to be having strange symptoms and for normality to take a while to return. Or your cycles could turn normal straight away, you never know!

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