so confused :( faint positive but problems last month

hi there. this is my first.ever.time. joining a forum like this and asking people to help. I will be eagerly waiting for the ping of the first reply lol!

anyways I am really confused. last month I got a faint positive on a sainsbury, Tesco and First Response test. also had ALL the symptoms (back ache, sick, boobs hurt etc).

however 4 days later period came. we were devastated and put it down to being  chemical/early miscarriage.

this month, 15dpo and 1 day late, we have tested with First Response AND digital clear blue. digital is negative. however first response is like the attached....

thoughts???? ?!!!!!



  • I can see a line 😊

  • I can see the line but hard to tell if it is pink or grey. Have you retested? As it is a couple of days later now if it is a positive it should show darker now. I'd use another first response

  • imageCan any of y'all tell me if this looks like a faint positive or am i losing my mind? Any comments would be appreciated!

  • Hi Twomums I had this this month with first response, I had all the symptoms like tender boobs, lower back ache, cramping, etc , done 2 first response and one definitely had pink in the second line and the other looked more grey , but 2 days later I started bleeding ( AF ) style , was gutted.. you can’t seem to trust any of these test , I brought a load of cheap test of eBay for next cycle so hopefully I don’t get any mixed results... 

  • Good luck Twoshoes. I’m in a similar situation - still 6 days till due but is this a faint positive?


    (Cross rather than straight line in left box on this one!)


  • I don't see a second line Allie, looks negative to me :-( 

  • Well the one i took last night was definitely positive! Look at the pic again, i can definitely see it now that i know its positive,just not the best pic, but thanks!

  • Ive now just done two clear blue tests that tell the weeks - the first said pregnant 1-2 weeks, the second said not pregnant - literally within half an hour! What do I believe? :(

  • Were they both digital?

  • Yes the exact same one from a pack of 2!

  • That is so strange! But its next to impossible to get a positive on a digital if your not pregnant. Do another test tomorrow, but no matter what go to your doctor bc id be willing to bet that your definitely pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Thanks - I really hope so! I did my last clear blue and it said not pregnant again. I’ll get some more tomorrow .... don’t want to get my hopes up! 

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