Very faint positive?

hi everyone new to this forum been trying to conceive but awhild now and every month it's the same I start thinking I'm getting symptoms and conveince myself I'm pregnant  when it's just my period and I test early anyway and end up disappointed but today I final got a line but it's very faint so wasn't sure. I'm too scared to believe Im pregnant in case Im disappointed again. Tested with a first response 4 days before period due. image Am I just seeing what I want to see or can anyone else see a line?


  • You think? I really hope so Im gonna get a digital One today so I'm not squinting looking for lines 😂 

  • Hey hun, is the line pink in real life? Just be careful of indent /evaporation lines that are grey. I'd do another first response. Good luck with the digital! Xx

  • Have you edited the picture in any way? Or is just the lighting? Both of the lines look kind of grey 

  • Both lines are pink and it came up after about a minute no havnt edited the picture at all it was more noticeable in real life than in the phosp as well. 

  • Oh I can certainly see the line no problem there, its just that they both look grey, even the control line. Looking for 'pinkness' is usually the key indicator as to whether the test is positive or an indent line shadow. Do you still have the test? Can you take another picture?

  • I've done a CBD and yes it says pregnant 2-3. I'm over the moon due in March next year so happy can't believe it. 

  • Yay! Congrats Louise!!

  • Brilliant news!! Congratulations!! :) xx

  • Thanks girls Im so happy but now the constant nerves kick in every twinge or pain and I panic a little inside. Cant wait to tell my partner tonight (he's been away all weekend and won't be back till this evenin) wasn't going to tell him in a text or call. Im so excited. 

  • Ooohhhh how are you gonna tell him?

  • I'm in the Same situation at the moment. my period is one day late and I have had two very faint positives. I'm refusing to believe I'm pregnant as they look so faint! image

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