implantation or not.

Hi im new to this forum but im after some help. I normally have a 27 day cycle. On cd13 my breasts were tender and left and right side pain at night, cd14 tender breats, and feeling sick my cm was very wet clear and slippery, hubby and i have been intimate everyday leading up to cd18. Im pretty sure on cd13 or cd14 was ovulation after ovulation my breast are always tender till af but this time nothing anyway cut thing short. 1-6dpo watery cm no breasts tenderness nothing 7-dpo i woke to having tender breasts and light brown spotting only when i wipe and period like cramps on and off 8dpo still light brown when i wiped, stuffy nose and bad lower back pain by late afternoon.9dpo still bit of brown till miday. I still have 4 days till af so could anyone share some light wether it could of been implantation. I have done cheap hpt and all have been bfn im currently 11dpo.


  • I'm in the exact same position as you.

    I've had every symptom under the sun but all three HPT have been bfn. Not sure if I tested too early, but I've had headaches, tired, stuffy nose and sore throat, and had what I thought was implantation bleeding on the 28-29th. 

    Not sure what to think x

  • No it is very hard. I know every pregnancy is different and that i agree. The spotting i had fitted in with implantation. I started testing at 9dpo im using the ebay cheapies called one step but im now seeing from other that this brand/ebay cheapies arnt very good. 

  • it sounds like there is a strong chance it could have been implantation. I would recommend using first response early result for early testing and needs to be first morning urine. it may still be to early so don't be dishearten if it dosent show quite yet there is still a chance until AF shows up. watch out for indent lines when testing with first response. good luck ladies xx

  • Thankyou for your responce. I feel it was implantation but negative hpt sort of puts a damper on things. Well at 11dpo late in afternoon i had a very strong miragrain to point i vomited and my breasts felt bit tender and nipples had bit of a burn tingly feeling my abdoman felt bit tender also. Im now 12dpo tested and it was BFN breasts feel abit tender but thats all. Im hoping it was implantation as i ever spot mid cycle ever.

  • Fingers crossed for you x

  • HI I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Jan 7th I had my period lasted the normal 5 days. Then on the 22nd I had a watery dark brown discharge (tmi) after I went to pee. It’s now feb 9th and I’m 3 days late for my period. Took a test and bfn. I was wondering if that could possibly be implantation or what could be happening.. 

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