First response early test ????

hi ladies some advise would be welcome , I'm due to start my period on tue , on Thursday I tested with a first response test and got a faint positive, it was faint but the line was pink, so I left it till today Saturday and tested this morning with second urine of the day as I had to wee early hours about 5am because i couldn't hold it any longer hahaha and got a total negative!!!! Do you think the first test was faulty or could I be pregnant ??????? Any help welcome x



  • Sorry I should of said I'm still 4 days early x 

  • Maybe wait a day or so then re test with first morning urine using first response good luck x

  • Thanks I def will , I just thought my second wee of the day would still be as strong because I hadn't had a drink at all. Thanks so much for answering me x 

  • imageimageJust needing an opinion period is 10 days late and I took this. The line has no colour and surely by now if I was pregnant there should be bfp with way more colour? 

  • Amielou I can see the lines but as you say not very strong I think you need to speak to the doctor and ask for a HCG blood test to find out what's going on . Is there any chance you have your dates wrong ? X

  • I'm not sure. My last period was the 31st of May I'm sure of that. Even if I was a week out then the test was taken only 4 days late surely it should have still came up stronger than that? I took a clear blue + one last Monday and it had the faintest off  lines but I read blue dye tests are known for false positives so I took a pink dye one x

  • May 23rd I mean 

  • Yes that's right blue dye are not so reliable early on.  You could try first response first, if that doesn't show you should really see your doctor xx

  • I wish I had of saved my first test so I could of posted a pic , I guess I will just have to wait for Tuesday to find out one way or the other x 

  • Im due on wed/thurday  have a lot of symptoms tested yesterday with first response and got a neg im soo confused got another test and trying my best to hold off im starting to think im imagining my symptoms 

  • May still be a little early for both of you. But good luck xxx

  • Hi reeee13 I'm the same I feel tired and sick a lot , but I've been trying for 10 months and I wondered if my mind is playing tricks on me ???? I wish you lots of luck x 

  • I'm gonna try another test when my partner gets in. I know they say fmu is best but it's hard to wait lol 

  • I feel like im going out of my mind had cramps, some foods teast different ,moody and even had a cry,peeing alot more i even put a sample in docs last week to see if i had a infection all clear now for 3 days my boobs feel sore and i dont suffer with them only when i was pregnant with my little girl but cant remember much this early i was 7 weeks with her before i even thought about anythink im thinking test early morning on wed have u tested yet good luck x

  • Fingers crossed x

  • Hi everybody woke up this morning and really thought af had arrived really bad cramps but not due till wed/thu usualy dont get cramps till day before af arrives boobs dont feel sore thismorning anybody got any advice i really feel like im going mad thismorning girls x

  • Reee could be implantation x

  • I woke up to my period this morning 3 days early 😓 oh well positive thinking and another cycle begins for me , reeee13 I really hope you get positive result x 

  • Do u think emy im on day 12 since ov bbs starting to tingle again got mild cramps now not as bad as they were this morning so tempted to take the test i have but dont want to be disapointed ow no kel so sorry hun i just no at the bottom of me thats whats going to happen to me think we just want it so much loads of baby dust to you for next month xx

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