Faint pregnancy test. Opinions?

imageimagePeriod is ten days late. Took clear blue +test faint line but I read there not so reliable to threw it away. Then took two first response both with super faint lines so also threw them out. Took this test and two lines came up. But the second has no colour surely that isn't normal? Being this late shouldn't thry have colour ? I'm going out my mind lol 


  • I think it's an indent of it has no colour. 

    Try another pink dye test with first wee of the day. Good luck 

  • It looks like a faint positive 

  • imagetried a first respond and this came up. It also looks like it has no colour to me... I don't understand 

  • Hi Amie, I can see why you are confused! The line in that last picture of the first response is actually quite clear. But as you say can't really see colour. First response can be quite bad at giving 'indent' lines, however the ones I've seen aren't usually that dark. 

    Have you tried taking a digital? or maybe you need to make an appointment with doctor for a blood test.

  • imagethe top test was Friday the one underneath was the thiis morning. Again looks like an indent line to me cos surely them lines should be stronger with way more colour at 12 days late 

  • Amie those look colourless which makes me think evap. I would try a digital or another first response

  • Hvnt tested since then. Still no af. Tested again lasnight and still faint pos. Tested today with fmu on 3 weeks late andvite stronger but still faint I don't ufnerstand If I was pregnant shouldn't the lines be stronger by now 

  • Typically yes, however there are cases where people have trouble with the hcg showing up in their urine and dont get get results from the hpts

    Which brand of tests are you using now? You could try a clear blue digital?

    or go for a blood test xx

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