Multiple PT's

Earlier this week i have taken 6 home pregnancy tests two of which are digital (Clear Blue) the other four were first response, the 4 first response came out with faint lines and the two digital's says Pregnant 1-2 weeks and had a blood test done on Wednesday and got the results back yesterday (Friday) and im not sure how to read this but it says "results 4" 


  • Have you got a photo ? of it 

  • the blood test results?

  • Hi Meemee, has your doctor not explained the results to you at all? Just given you the paperwork and thats it?

  • Hi according to your picture, reading of 5-10 shows about a week pregnant etc... your doctor should have explained. Call them to give you proper explanation. Maybe test again in a week? The figure should increase. 

  • uh i actually just got the paperwork and left i did not have the time to wait around. i had some other things to take care of.. but i will be calling to make an appointment for tuesday. 

  • *i meant 5-50

  • Meemee, just wanted to make sure I have the info right, you had the blood test on Wednesday and the result was 4 for HCG, but you took clear blue digital before that and got pregnant 1-2 weeks? When exactly did you take the digital?

  • I believe it was tuesday i took the clear blue digitals. Friday is when i got my blood test results. 

  • I'm going to send you a private message meemee check your inbox xx

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