Very faint line - is it something?


I have been endlessly googling for images of this, and haven't quite come around to any this faint. I took a Clear Blue test I purchased from DG this evening and I only see the line when the test is tilted, and it is more like a shadow. I watched the test after I took it and as the middle line was forming, I saw a very slight color change at the top where the plus sign would start. I am very regular with my periods but am now around a week late and have been having very terrible stomach pains for a few days.

Am I just seeing and imagining things?!image


  • Hey I did one of thoughs test over a week ago my period wasnt due mine looked about as faint as yours I did one 2 days later and it was still faint but darker than the first one I'm still no sure so confused maybe take another test and see if the line gets any darker here's my first and seconds test as you can see mine was just as faint as that one then the other one is darker hope that helps imageimage

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