Help me, am I pregnant?????

I have irregular periods, but my last period only stayed on for 4 days, usually last 7 days (been that way since my very first period). Then almost two weeks later I did light spotting which lasted for 6 days. My nipples (not the whole boob) hurt sooo bad and have been sore for over two weeks now. Like I said my periods have never been normal but it would have came on yesterday if it was a normal month for me. I've been having really bad cramps, now they have settled a little. It's more like pressure now. I have to tinkle a lotttt, I've been eating so much more and also have gained 4 pounds, naseau with no vomit, spotting just a few days ago, crying over every little thing, headaches, and a little dizziness. I took a test a little over two weeks ago, it was negative. Should I take another one? I'm hoping for a BFP but I won't get my hopes up just yet!


  • Take a test if u took one 2weeks ago u would have likely been too early to get a positive try again today or tomorrow u never know might get ur bfp 

  • Im getting alot of symptoms to same sore nipples buts feel a little swollen to but that park comes and goes feel really moody and if had a cryed if had mild cramps for 2 weeks but thismorning really thought af had arived really strong cramps but gone now not due af till wed/thu but got a neg test friday trying to hold out till wed to take another if af doesent arrive never had any spotting but is that a bad sighn 

  • hey @Reeee13 I would definitely wait for a week or two before taking a new test. I had two but huat because I was so anxious I took both of them just hours apart lol. And no spotting isn't a bad sign, not every woman experiences that during pregnancy. Every woman is different.

  • hello @kyriex2 yes I'm definitely gonna do that. Probably going to buy one today, I have my fingers crossed for that BFP 😁

  • Hi thank u was panicking then really hope its a positive was going to test wednesday if my af doesnt come before then im so impatiant its so tempting having the test there good luck for u hun xx

  • I didn't have spotting with my first 2 but 3rd time I've had about half a day which I thought was the start of af. Wait as long you can but I was terrible I took 6 tests in all 5 positive 1 neg but 2 of them were I actually can't I'm taking another lol. Good luck to you both hope u get ur bfp 

  • I just took the 1 i had left and was neg i just cant understand my bbys so sore and i dont ever suffer with them only when i was having my little girl but cant remember this early congratulations hun hope u have a lovely 8 months xx

  • Thanks maybe just early testing try when af is due and u might get a positive if not pop to docs 

  • Im going to try not think about it till wednesday try being the hardest part my bbs are so sore its hard to not think about it x

  • Okay you guys so I took two test. First one was positive with a faint line, second one was negative...... so idk!

  • Actually both test are positive, second one just has an even fainter line! Gonna make an appointment Tuesday morning, hoping this is really real! I cant believe it!!!! fingers crossed!

  • Second line would be fainter if u tested same day because ur hormones would have been used for the first test of that makes sense. If u test again use ur first wee of the morning when it's more concentrated fingers crossed for u bluerose sounds promising mine were really faint so waited 4 days done it again and it was a definite second line 

  • Good look girl blue rose try taking a digital 1 first think on a morning atleast it will say ur ansur and u wont be wonderin sound so posative for u hun x

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