Confused 😞

Hi There! Me and my husband are trying for another baby (already have a 4year old) I recently had spotting for about 2days for an hour each day i done a pregnancy test a day after and it said negative? I don't understand what's happening 


  • Hi are u late yet I spotted but only for the day I then waited a week and tested got my positive but it was faint so tested another 4 days later and it was definitely positive.

    You might be to early to get a positive if ur not late yet good luck 

  • Oh i see, because with my first one it was different I didn't have spotting and i got my posi within the week my periods due on the 6th/7th july so maybe ill wait till after that thank you!

  • Hi confusedmother it could be an implantation bleed you experienced. Wait till AF due if you can then re test with a sensitive brand xx

  • Thank you very much, could you recommend any brands? Thanks again x

  • Yes first response early result is the most sensitive. If you did implant today I would wait a minimum of 2 days before testing more if you can.  With first response you need to watch out for indent lines the look like faint BFPs indents are grey positives are pink. Best of luck xx

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