Am i imagining my preganancy syptoms

Hi has anybody got any advise or going through the same thing im due on my af on wed/thu took a first response test friday it was neg been getting syptoms especaly tingly sore bbs and mild cramps allso feel moody and crying but this morning really thought id started af as woke up with strong cramp but gone now i dont usualy suffer with my bbs and only cramp day before af comes please help am i imagining it should i take my spere pregnancy test or is it still to early really dont want to be dissapointed 


  • Hi reeee id wait until the day your af is due just so you dont get disapointed with negs 

  • I just did my 1 i had and was neg couldent help myself just going to wait untill wednesday or thursday now to see if af arrives if not get a clear blue digital im not likeing the pink diy ones x

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