IUD out - body confused - but i'm ready to go!


Me and my husband have just decided to start trying for baby number 1. I am SO excited but obviously had no idea what a frustrating process this could be. 

I have had the copper IUD in for a year, after being on yasmin for 3, and during that time I did not have a period in about 4-6 months (I cant remember exactly), and then some 2-3 week long periods after.

I had tests which came back fine, so perhaps I am just a bit irregular (although I started regular in my teens) but of course everything goes through your mind at this point -what if i rarely ovulate, what if i NEVER do, at what point do we ask for help etc etc..

I had my last (very long) period over a month ago, but mucus seemed to resemble that of someone ovulating over the last 3 days.. so god knows what is going on.

I guess my point is, I am praying that there are some mums out there that conceived without regular predictable cycles, and that this obsession and strain I am feeling will wear off after a while.. 

I would love to hear your stories if you can relate to anything I mentioned. It has been lovely reading about all your experiences, and to know there are so many other women out there as excited and anxious as I am to welcome a little mini me ASAP!! 

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