Advice Needed

Hello, my issue is a confusing one, but any advice you can give would be helpful. I am currently in my two week wait period to take a HPT and I'm going crazy. Here's my story: Last monththe 5th of June, I implanted the nuvaring-the 5th was the day my AF was due. It didn't come because I assume the ring stopped it. I began having unprotected sex with my partner fr the 7th-15th of June. I took the ring out on the 17th. I had a one day cycle fr the 22nd-23rd. I took an HPT on the 24 and got a faint positive. Since, I have taken 4 more test which were all negative. I have  experiencing a out of symptoms, but the issue is since I threw my AF off with the ring, I don't know when to expect it!! My doctor told me to test on the 16th of July which seems like an eternity away. I want to know now, and I'm miserable. Is there anyway I could cut my wait time in half? And a better question based on my crazy turn of events, could I even be pregnant?? Please advise and thank you!! 


  • I would guess that the faint positive on the 24th may have been down to the use of the ring. Sadly the Dr's advice is there for a reason, the ring was removed on 17th June so you should wait until 16th July (one month) before testing...unless AF arrives first (it will likely appear around that time)

  • Ok, thanks so much KazzieM 👌🏾

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