This is our second month trying to conceive but only my first month tracking my BBT so have nothing to compare it to. I got a strong increase the day after I tested positive to ovulation. My temperature slowly declined for the next 5 days after but not lower than my pre-ovulation reading. Then the last two days have been higher than my reading straight after ovulation. Is this a good sign or just what usually happens?


  • Hi Ribena, hard to tell without seeing your chart. If you feel comfortable posting (or private messaging) a picture of your chart I'd be happy to take a look xx

  • It sounds like it could be heading into a triphasic stage with your last two temps being so high...however i read temps with triphasic patterns occur in both pregnant and non pregnant charts...its more  common in pregnant id be cautiously optimistic esp if it stays in the "third" higher range. What dpo are you? 

  • Hi Thanks for your reply. I use an app which doesn't create a graph I will list them though hopefully that helps:

    Started 19th Jun (6 days post day 1 of period that only lasted 3 days) 36.00

    20th June 36.08,

    21st 35.86,

    22nd 36.08,

    23rd 35.99,

    24th 36.02,

    25th 36.32,

    26th didn't take,

    27th 36.08,

    28th 36.17 (+ve ovulation test),

    29th 36.46,

    30th 36.41,

    1st July 36.39,

    2nd 36.27,

    3rd 36.18,

    4th 35.56,

    5th 35.51

  • Are the last two supposed to say 36.56 and 36.51 rather than 35.56 and 35.51?

  • image

    oh dear 36.22 today not looking good

  • image

    It's really hard to interpret bbt without a chart so I drew this up for you real quick :

  • you are looking for a sustained temp rise, at least 3 days after suspected ov date, which you have. 

    However, you also have three temps which have dipped below the coverline which could mean you havent ovulated yey OR you just have an erratic bbt, OR - that high temp you had on the 25th (which could have been a random spike, has made your coverline higher than it should be

  • image

    Now I've drawn a new coverline disregarding that high temp (which apps like fertility friend will often do)

    looking at it like this, it looks like a sustained temp rise with no drops below the coverline

  • I think its 50/50, it might take a few days to become clearer either way, remember, any one high or low temp means nothing, you are looking for an overall pattern.

    my advice to you is DONT STOP bding until you are sure. I made that mistake last month, stopped thinking that i'd ovulated when my chart wasn't really that clear. I ended up ovulating 8 days later than I'd thought, cycle day 20, and well and truly missed the fertile window. My chart looked like someone who was trying to PREVENT pregnancy. I was gutted and felt so stupid!

  • Hi Thank you so much for taking the time to make me a chart! I think the first anomaly on the 25th was because I slept in and took it a few hours later than I would do normally.  Yes that's very true we did slow down after a positive ovulation test. Will remember that for next month!

  • If you took your temp a couple of hours late on that day then you should definately discard it

  • So temp still high 36.39. Feeling rubbish today cramps, very lethargic walking is too much effort, fuzzy head. Took a pregnancy test this am -ve. Think I'm 9 dpo. Fingers crossed! Hoping just too early to test?

  • Yes 9dpo is still early, some people do get positives at that stage but its not common. Implantation can happen as late as 12dpo and you wont get a positive till after that. Fingers crossed for you! Also depends on the test, what did you use?

  • I used cassanovum early detection test. I have just started spotting so hopefully not the start of my monthly present! It would be early if it was.

  • Do you usually spot before AF comes?

  • Not normally no but only second month off BC. It hasn't really come to anything so will see tomorrow. Trying not to look to much into things but difficult not to! X

  • Ok good luck hun, let me know!!

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