faint positives on sainsburys own test, did a clear blue and other tests are negative?!

ive had a few faint positives on sainsburys own tests, I've heard a lot about evap lines and not sure whether they are evap lines or not! I tested with a digital clear blur test and a cheapie from poundlan but are coming back negative?! 

has anyone else been in this situation and what was the outcome ?!                 imageimage


  • It kinda looks positive but different test are different levels, I heard that the pink dye ones like super drug are one of the test that show really early so maybe try one of them, the clear blue is one of the test that takes ages to show, hope that helps X 

  • It's so frustrating! I have two kiddies already so know the drill! Just never had this happen before! I used sainsburys test to find out about my second, I shall go and buy a super drug test tomorrow! Thanks! X

  • the early test say 10mui which is super drug clearblue is 30mui which means wont show until you are further gone

    no problem good luck xx 

  • Thanks so much! it doesn't say the levels on the boxes so I wasn't sure! xx

  • Clearblue digital arent as sensitive as others so maybe thats why its coming back neg xx

  • I hope so! Think I will leave it a few days and get a superdrug one! Couldn't really get a good shot of them in the pics but the lines are there and the same width as the other lines which is a good sign I think? Xx

  • Yeah your best bet is take another test. The ones in the pic look positive so fingers crossed for you 😊xxx

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