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Hello Everyone!  

Is anyone using the clearblue advanced fertility monitor.  I am using it for the first time this cycle and I am confused as to why I am getting so many "high" fertility days.  I am only on day 10 of my cycle (my period ended on day 5) and I have gotten highs for the last 4 days (it had me begin testing on day 6).  Has this happened to anyone else?  I am a teacher so I would like to pinpoint exactly when I can get pregnant due to summer vacation.  

Thanks in advance!  :)


  • I use this every month for about 1 year, so far, I noticed it started giving highs all the time before peak, I read that it does this so u use more sticks as it means u would have to buy the 20 pack every cycle, so what I do now it start testing from about day 10 then u should only use about 10 sticks by the time you get the peak which saves money

    hope this helps X 

  • Thanks so much for the response!  The sticks are so expensive....which would make sense as to why they would want you to use so many.  I have been on birth control for 10 years and I just went off of it in March so I am still trying to figure out what is normal for my cycle.  It's annoying lol

  • Yeah it is hard knowing when u come of the pill, when I came off it took 6 months for my period to come back and a year to get them back regular i think cos I was on it for 7 years, but others I know get back to normal straight away. The monitor is really good to pin point ovulation it takes a few cycles to get use to you, but I buy the 20 pack of Amazon and used 10 sticks, cos most woman ovulated on day 14 so starting on day 6 is way to early, u will start to notice a pattern in your cycle and could tailor when u start testing once u know X 

  • As you have just come off the pill your hormones may be slightly off, or if this is the first cycle using the monitor, as it doesn't know what is normal for your cycle yet, it will likely show high fertility as soon as your estrogen levels rise so that you don't miss possible ovulation. It will likely be more accurate on the second or third cycle. 

    I use the saliva ferning microscope that detects oestrogen, and I start getting partial ferns as early as cycle day 8

  • What is the saliva ferning microscope?  I have never heard of that before!  I am just hoping that I get my peak sooner rather than later....I am so tired of seeing high days lol.  

  • I know what you mean, I am impatient too!

    its a little tube with a micrsopic lense and a light , you put your saliva on it and if there is an estrogen surge you see ferns like this:


  • Wow that is so cool!!!  I might have to look into one of those!  Anything that can help!

  • It may work in the same way as your monitor- the monitor is probably more advanced I think

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