Very Faint Positive Tests



My period was due yesterday and I have had all period like symptoms, tender nipples, abdominal cramps etc .. However I took a first response test yester and I had a very faint positive, have to put the test in a certain position to see the positive line. I also done one first thing this morning and had the same result?! Has anyone experienced this before and what was he outcome?

Thanks in advance x


  • Yep pregnant lol had faint ones waited 4 days and tested they turned darker looks like u are I can see the lines but if u want to wait to test again u can good luck x

  • I have taken another one today as I'm so nervous lol, the lines seem so faint I can't believe it's true at the moment! I will be patient now and wait a bit longer! image

    Thank you xxx

  • Thats either a faint positive or the worst indent line of ever seen

  • Congratulations :) x

  • Hi leannecro. I had similar lines with same test which turned out to be negative please use a different test to confirm before getting excited. I really hope its ur bfp but getting your hopes up too early breaks ones heart badly. If its positive line should get darker in 48hrs.

    Good luck.x

  • imagedoes this look like a faint positive to anyone else? showed to my hubby earlier and he said he clearly seen a little blue line going through the other... so hard to get a good pic though

  • also, i'm 10 dpo.. is it too early to expect a positive? 

  • I cant see a positive line - but youre still very early. Wait until AF is late and then test again :-)

  • Hello I wondered if anyone can help please.. 4years ago I had an ectopic and I got these kind of faint lines then so I'm now terrified!!! 

    I stopped the mini pill 3days after my last period and I was due on the 10th. Done some tests today and here's the resultsimageimageimage 

    The digital was done about 11.30am and then clear blue with cross about 12.30 then others around 4pm please help are they positives?? Is this normal as all I can think is it's another extopic x

  • The last too are a bit clearer in person 

  • imageimage

    Hello all 😁

    I hope everyone is well. Im just looking for some advice. Im due  my period tomorrow, but ive felt different for the last weeks tired drained sicky metal taste in my mouth.. i took one test 6days ago, 4days ago then 2days also. I can see another line but it doesnt seem to be getting any stronger? 

    Any advice is welcome, just dont really know what to think at the moment..

    Thank you xx

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