My Body is playing tricks on me., or could i be pregnant

I am now 11 dpo and i did a test this morning and it seems negative. a night ago , i got really dizzy and almost fainted in the kitchen and i had like hot flushes at the time. i get the back aches and i have mild/dull abdominal cramps, but i do not have any nausea and i also do not have spotting.  but i have senstive breasts, ore nipples, headaches, i feel tired, moody, please let me know what you ladies think, but i want to possibly go for a blood test to my GP today


  • HI Tinky,

    only a test will tell you for sure, for some ladies those symptoms will be what they experience in early pregnancy, but for me, I feel like that after every ovulation! It really depends on the person. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much. Its the first time i felt like this though. So maybe i will go and grt the blood test just for clarity because the blood test wont lie 

  • Good luck I hope you get your BFP :)

  • I will surely post  here when i get results

  • i have been to my Doc, i will get the blood test by the morning. The rest is left to God. I will tell you tomorrow

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