Implantation Bleeding or Period?

Hi ladies,

I've been TTC for a month now and I get it's early.  However, I have been feeling rather odd last few weeks - increased discharge (TMI), hot flashes, nausea, sore boobs (I have huge boobs to start with) and have been sore a few days, waking up starving and feel hungry all the time.  My AF was due on Tuesday 5th June but one Sunday 3rd I went to the loo and wiped and I had some blood, but that was it just one wipe. I thought it might be IB but then yesterday afternoon the date my period was due I started bleeding, it's red but a little darker in some places and looks a bit string? (TMI again).  What do people think? Just all seems so odd and I was gutted yesterday when I thought I had my period but my friend thinks it could be IB.

Thanks ladies x


  • It could be either, only a test will tell you. Good luck!

  • I did a clear blue on Monday and came back negative but apparently it was too early to test.  Not sure when to test now!

  • You tested one day before your period was due? Thats not too early to start testing however if you were late to implant you could still get a negative the day before your period. It also depends on the test and how sensitive it is. 

    If your period is much lighter than normal I'd take another test tomorrow with first morning urine, first response are more sensitive :)

  • I tested two days before my period was due but was advised this was too early.  Seem to be getting contradicting information about this but I know everyone is different.  Thanks, I'll try again then and see.  I just feel off, if I am not pregnant then I have no idea what could have brought these symptoms on, I am normally fighting fit. 

  • it really depends on the test, some are more sensitive like first response, and you can test earlier so it depends on which you are using. 

    And then some people just dont get positives until their periods are late, even with a sensitive test. So its different for everyone

    good luck!

  • I feel that I can't trust Clear Blue as I bought a two back and the first once came back with the error symbol and I took the second test which came back negative and I tested the same/correct way so not convinced about them yet.  

    I'll see how I get on tomorrow :)

    Thank you

  • I wouldn't recommended clear blue either, unless its the digital one. But the digitals aren't as sensitive

  • Yeah, heard a lot of mixed opinions about Clear Blue too. Plus with them being so expensive too it puts me buying them again..

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