CD31... BFN.. Tested too early or out this month??

I came off the coil on 26/5 and had my first period in 8 years on 4 June.  I am now on CD31 but have no idea how long my cycles should be? 

I have tested all this week with BFN :(... Am I out this month and AF on way or am I testing too early??  


  • Hi, do you have any idea when you might have ovulated? That will dictate how long your cycle should be. 

  • Not certain but I think around 17 or 18 June x

  • Are you just going by 14 days from the date of your last period for an ovulation date? Or did you have some symptoms?

    Because if you did ovulate then you would likely either have a positive test or a period by now.

    Some people ovulate later, and this pushes your period out further too. Especially when just coming off birth control. 

    Last month was my second cycle off the pill, didn't ovulate till cycle day 20! :)

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