BFP on cheap test (very faint) and BFN on First Response!???

I have taken a test this morning with a cheap one I got from the pound shop and had a very faint positive line, so I went out to get a first response and it has come back BFN!!?  Thoughts???  


  • Any thoughts? 

  • imageThis was mine then another came back negative?

  • It's so frustrating!!  I can't even do one with my FMU because I go to the toilet about 4 or 5 times a night!!!.... I was sure mine was sooo faint though! But first response meant to be really good and sensitive and didn't show anything this afternoon :(

    Yours deffo looks positive hun! Go get a first response and try with FMU!  

    Baby dust :)

  • Sorry I don't know what you mean by FMU? Lol ... I done another one and it was negative! I'm so upset but I've got my heart set on that one! I'm gonna do another one in the morning xxx was yours similar to that? 

  • Mine was lighter than that!! FMU... First morning urine :) 

    Have you been trying long? 

  • I'm going to try in the morning another one. Only 2 weeks ... So that's why I'm not expecting it so soon. I have been on the pill forever but been off it 2 weeks now. And trying. But I don't know when my period is due as never had many on the pill so I'm in a bit of a pickle and just hoping for the best! And you? X are you trying for your first 

  • I have an 8 year old and a 6 year old both girls :) so ttc with no 3 x 

    If you have been on the pill so long and only off for two weeks... Don't get your hopes up too much hun because tests can still pick up some hormone left from pill :( x don't want to be negative but don't want you to be disappointed either! 

  • Oh that's a shame ... I'll just keep trying then😿 It says if you miss pill you could get pregnant straight away as the pill comes out of system. I'm just hoping for the best lol :) I'm excited and want it to happen now! So in patient. Any tips? X 

  • I'm not very good on the tips side my other two happened by accident!  Lol :) x but I hope I'm wrong and it really is a BFP for you!!! X

  • Hi hun i had heard many people say the blue dye test give out alot of false positives best sticking to pink dye or digital for more accuate results good luck girls

  • Mine was a pink one but lone was so so faint!!  X :( 

  • Mayby just wait a couple more day then test again if af doesent arrive its hard when u already have some and find it hard next time had no problem with my little girl dident even relise till i was 6 week gone but been trying for 8 month thought this month might be my month but 3 neg test later due on af today got every syptom just going to wait till friday if af doesent arrive 

  • I also took blue dye , cheap test, came out positive, bought a clear blue it was negative and also go blood work and it was negative , got period  few days llater 

  • So blue dye test are defanatly a no no then i only every used clear blue untill this time really thought i was so been testing early so ised first responce and all neg but still no sighn of af and im officaly late so going to test first thing in the morning not that i have much hope xx

  • Any update reeee?  I still don't have AF but waiting til Sunday to test if doesn't arrive before then. 

  • It was negative :( .... I'm so upset 

  • Ahh am so sorry hun :( chin up there's always next month :) how many days late are you? I still am getting negatives and have stopped testing now x

  • I haven't had my period yet. Where I have been off pill 2 weeks I'm awaiting a period so then I can figure out when I ovulate! X 

  • Download the ovia app it's pretty good x

  • Hi af arrived this morning so no little bump for me this month but i no we will all be blessed when the timing is just perfect cx

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