I need help knowing if im expecting.

so i have a few weeks of feeling weird. Everything i eat makes me queasy. I been really tierd lately all i want to do is sleep during the day. But at night i have trouble sleeping. i have a runny nose and stuffy nose now during the summer and suffer from 0 allergies. And i've been having really vivid dreams. Even dreamt i was told i was expecting twin girls, for 3 days staright about 2 weeks ago i took a hpt and it came back negative. Oh and im really bloated . HELLLPPP! 😩👶🏼🌸


  • Ive also been having diarrehea, and still no period but im irregular. So im really confused ☹ i have 5 months ttc and still nothing but i dont suffer from pos.

  • Sounds like you have a lot of pregmancy symptoms. When is af due?

  • Af? Sorry i dont know what that means jackobell

  • Well jackobell my af is irregular so i dont really know when its coming. But ir didnt come for the month of june and i still havent gotten it. 

  • Maybe go to your doctor hun and tell them. They should be able to give you blood tests to see

  • I took a hpt and it came back negative but i still feel pregnat 

  • I would consider going to your Dr & asking them to check your blood for signs of pregnancy hormone. You certainly have a lot of symptoms pointing that way & it could simply be a faulty HPT but you should get checked if this many weeks without a sign of AF showing.

  • imageIs there anyway that you guys can distinguidh this from fat to a bump or no? 

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