Just turned 40 and trying to conceive

I just turned 40 thus past June and I've never been pregnant. I did all the things I wanted to in my youth. Traveled the world, college, and now a great career. I have a wonderful husband and we have been married for 6 years. Wanted to start this process sooner but I was extremely overweight. I now have lost 134 pounds. Yeah me. I also have a stepson who is bipolar and high functioning autism and the timing has been trying to get things in line for him. We'll things have finally looked up and now we are officially trying. I was on long term birth control for 7 years. The pill for 5 and Mirena for 18 months. Got the Mirena out last Aug and I have had a time getting my cycles back on line. Been on provera and birth control and now I'm on my second month of Clomid. I have taken so many tests that I can't bare to take another one just to come back negative. I know it takes time but I also suffer from PMDD and I'm on zero meds for it. So my hormones are crazy. Just needed to vent and was wondering if there are any other "older" ladies out there trying to conceive.

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