Hi I was wondering if use could help me and my husband have being TTC for 4 months I  am now 9dpo and have had bad gas and bad reflux  over the last couple of days also allergies have got worse so decided to do 2 cheapie tests and I don't know if it's definitely a positive or if it's in my head very faint but don't have to squint eyes


  • Hi, not sure can't really see. Try a first response test with early morning urine 

  • Thank you it is really faint went to the doctors and they done a test and the second line was faint as well so fingers crossed 

  • Mummymxx those tests look promising as someone else said try first response. Good luck xx

  • I'm going to go and get some tomorrow doctor has gave me a test away home with me so going to try with fmu and see how it goes thanks 

  • Congrats xx can I get advice on mine? Sorry to gatecrash but can't believe my eyes!  image

  • Looks like a positive to me Mumof2ttc Congrats xx

  • Mumof2ttc looks like a BFP congrats xx

  • Thanks guys!!  Omg!!!! X

  • I can see them really faint this was how mine were at firat x don't test again until.another couple days :) good luck x

  • Congrats looks positive to me hope the next 9 months are healthy and best of luck to you image

    Done the test that the doctor gave me this morning first morning urine this is my result what do use think 

    Going to buy first response today but scared it will be completely negative do use think at 10 dpo it should come back positive if I am definitely pregnant.image

  • I can see a faint line but even at 10dpo the hormone may still not be very strong some ladies haven't even implanted by then. Good luck with frer I hope you get a nice pink Line x

  • Thank you Emy0001 I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes 

  • Hey well I just went to the chemist and bought a first response 6 days sooner test and here's the result does that definitely mean it's a positive I'm in shock image

  • Hey so I went to the chemist and bought a first response 6 days sooner test and here's the result is it definitely what I think it is image

  • Congrats I only did mine yesterday and got positive... Did a clear blue today and got pregnant :) we can be bump Buddies :) xx 

  • Congratulations to you as well still can't belive it but I done 2 £1 cheapies that came back very faint and my gp gave me 2 off there ones which came back very faint and bought first response today which is darker second line think I'm in shock and defo bump buddies haha 

  • Congratulations to you both x

  • Oooh yes mummymxx thats a positive! Congratulations!!

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