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Am I pregnant?! So cofused

My period was due on the 5th July (I have pretty long cycles of around 40days. It hasn't arrived, on the 7th I got a faint positive pregnancy test but then on the 8th a negative. I've had cramping which I also had in the early stages of my first pregnancy. Out of interest I did an OPK and got a really strong positive. Am I pregnant? Having a really long cycle and ovulating? I'm so confused.


  • Do you have a pic of the test? I just had what I thought was a faint bfp but now testing negative. Af due mon/tues. I'm sure mine was a really mean indent, maybe that was the case with yours? When was your last af?

  • My last AF was the 26th May. I have long cycles but never this long. 


  • Well there is clearly a second line but it's not comsistant so hard to say. Maybe try with the first respons, thy seem to have more clear lines. If it's a bfn again then I'd get some blood tests done. Good luck xx

  • I'm going to hold off until next week and see what happens. I'm having lots of cramping, not like my usual period cramps but at times quite painful. I'm really confused by the positive ovulation test. Ill just keep everything crossed. 

  • I am also crossing everything for you 🤗

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