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Faint positive?!



  • Definately a faint line but maybe too early for digital

  • I always though digital detected pregancy earlier than any other test.. time will tell 

  • Not at all.... digitals are not sensitive at all. First response are the most sensitive at approx 12miu. Digitals are 25-50 depending on the brand 

  • Thank you very much for the advice 

  • I agree, the digitals pick up later than the first response I used

  • Yeah, the digital I just took said not pregnant. But I was naughty as the test said before your period do it with morning urine. I was impatient.  

    I had one positive on the 26th with FR since I've had negative everyday with FR, CB and Superdrug tests. My period due on Friday. I think it's time to stop testing and wait and see what Friday brings. so frustrating!!!!! 

  • I have had a false positive on a first response before which is why I don't test early any more :( too heartbreaking x

  • imageim very confused I tested positive a week ago after two days of light bleeding. Then began to bleed again on Xmas day for 4 days. my period isn't due until another 4 days time and is usually very heavy. I took a test today on clear blue and it was Negative , can anybody help ? xx

  • Yes, butterfly im done now. I'll see if my period arrives. I'm not buying anymore tests unless I am late x 

  • I'm having the same problem, do you see two line?image

  • Yes SissyP I see two!

  • image

    What do you ladies think?

  • Sorry to crash post but have had sore boobs  constipation back aches nipples going purple wanting to throw up this last week and emotions going everywhere also cramps  this test is from a midwife what do u guys think image

  • Post above mine i see 2 lines  colmay :)

  • Could I be pregnAny? im a week early

  • I see 2 lines on yours sissyp

  • I see It Abigx! sometimes I feel our mind is playing tricks on us with how faint the line is. Have you missed your menstrual?

  • Same abigx 2 lines

  • Yes by 3 weeks and 3 days👶🏻

  • imageimageimageSorry for jumping in but really need help! I took this pound shop test the other day and it's come up with a faint positive I've done some strip tests and they were more or less negative! I'm not quite sure about my periods because I have PCOS, me and my partner have been t for 2 years and had an early miscarriage 3 month ago! I just don't know what to think? I haven't got exited once since the test because I don't really trust it! Please help! X

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