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Faint positive?!



  • Hi Paige Carrington I would try a first response test they are really good any pink line is a positive as you need to have hcg in your body to get that line and some tests are more sensitive than other I had negative poundland test but positive super drug but first response or super drug stores own make are very reliable.  Congratulations and all the best. X

  • imageimagecant figure out if mine are positive or not!

  • Im not quite sure kandis. The line are almost invisible !!! This is quite nerve wrecking 

  • imageIt is very frustrating! And here is todays test

  • Thanks MummyMxx I will deffo get a first response, I've not really had any symptoms apart from feeling a little sick and being really tierd, with my miscarriage I was so ill!! Had really bad back ache and just constantly felt sick so that's another reason I'm doubting it but it's so visible? Has anyone else used thease pound land ones that have been positive and actually been pregnant??x

  • That one looks negative 

  • I can kind of see a line kandis but it's so faint! Try a cheap one with pink dye there much more sensitive x

  • Will do! Ill update tomorrow

  • Hi paige,  I would almost certainly say your test is positive.  Try with digital one in a few days o r a week for definate result but I'd say congratulations were in order xx

  • Sunny5 thanks for your reply, I will deffo I just can't believe it tbh I think it's because I had a miscarriage 3 month ago, and with only have the 1 positive! I'll update when I've done a digital! fingers crossed x

  • Your 3 weeks and 3 days?

  • Hi guys, unfortunately my last post went unnoticed.  Just looking for some quick advice!

    Took this test at 6am this morning: image

    Then i took a first response around 1pm and it could not been more negative..

    Im 12dpo

    What do you think !?


  • That looks positive Colmay! Try taking another of the cheap test to see if the line appears again maybe? 

  • The first response was negative this afternoon so I got discourages. I will test again in thr AM. Thankd for your reply! Fingers crossed for me!

  • Ok I'm hijacking this post (sorry) ive got no kids and been battling with Ashermans and low Amh. 4 ops to fix Ashermans 4 consultants and three years of fertility treatment I ended up giving up last September. Today I got this.... imageone positive and one negative test. Because of the before mentioned issues I'm not sure if I'm late as I don't get periods... the positive took longer than ten minutes to show and the negative was taken mid afternoon. 

  • Strawbs.. i cant be of much help becaise im in the same boat. One very faint positive this morning.. and two very clear negatives this afternoon. I have PCOS so I am use to seeing negative tests. That faint positive really flew me for a loop!

  • It's a absolute head mess this getting pregnant. 

  • If the positive appeared after the time frame I am afraid that you have to discard it :( best to test again with FMU. Good luck x

  • Strawbs it most cerfainly is. Tested again this morning and another negative. Myself 9elf and my husband have been trying for over a year now

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