hiya, so I had the implant for over a year and had 2 periods while on it had it took out 5th april 2016 and had a periods 9-10 weeks later on 8th June I'm now 3 days late (I think going by regular 28 day cycle) took 3 tests all cam back negativ, any chance I could still be pregnant?? Haven't had no period like cramps or anyth I felt abit sick tuesday and Wednesday?? 


  • Please I need advice I'm going crazy 

  • tests in a week 

  • I will do got an app at the Drs Tuesday for a different reason but will mention it then if nothing happens 

  • Yeah If your only 3 days late I doubt your start feeling sick now, I'm 7 weeks and didn't start feeling sick until I was about 4-5 weeks, xx

  • It wasn't like proper wickedness feeing it was more of a nauseous feeling firsg thing in the morning, I just feel different within myself now defo can't eat as much either 

  • Well let me no how the doctors go Hun :) if you done a home pregnancy test and it said no, the doctors tests will probably say the same.. So they will do a blood test :) do you want to be pregnant?xx

  • ive just worked out when u last had your period the 8th of June right? If that's so it should defo show up On a test now, xxx

  • Yeah I want to be pregnant think I'm clutching at straws though 8th June was my last period but only using cheap tests 

  • I know first response tests aren't cheap, but they're definitely really realiable and sensitive too. Perhaps you should try one of those?

  • Yeah maybe gonna leave it till Tuesday anyway will mention it at the drs if at hasnt arrived, it just not knowing what's going on its driving me mad 

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