Negative pregnancy test but I'm a bit worried😬

Hi Ladies,

I'm TTC number 2, and really thought I was pregnant this month. My period was due to start today but I know my body and I just don't feel the way I usually do before a period.

In particular, my tummy feels bloated (has been for at least a week) and it's quite uncomfy to lie on my front. Plus my nipples are tingly and I just feel sick and sooo tired literally 24/7.

But if I'm not pregnant, could this be something more sinister? I'm freading myself out here😩😁 xx


  • Have you took a test Yet? I'm 3 days late still a negative togugh image felt sick a couple of days ago but no pre period feelings 

  • I just took a test today. My period is due today😔😭x

  • Don't lose hope wait a couple more days of at don't arrive 

  • It can take some women longer to build up hormone levels for a may need to be 2wks overdue AF.

  • Thanks ladies☺️ You've given me s bit of hope. Nicole17 keep me posted on what happens with you! I will cross my fingers and pray for AF to not show😬 X

  • people have been saying I might be to early to show on a test so I hope that's true! Bethyo I will and I'll kep my fingers ceased for you also can only wait now

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