No period but -ve test result

Hi there, this is my first post. I'm desperately trying to fall pregnant and havent had a period in about 6 weeks. I've done 3 tests but all showed negative...I'm starting to lose hope now so have pretty much resigned myself to the knowledge that it hasn't happened this time. How long should I wait for a period before going to the doctor? 


  • I was in the same boat Hun, I hadn't had one for 10 weeks but I put that down to having my implant removed, finally had one the 8th June but now 3 days late and negative tests!!! If you really worried id go to the Drs have  you took another test since? 

  • Does having your implant removed affect your fertility? I had mine removed a while back, had sex a good few times since then and no period. I did an ovulation test so I knew I was ovulating so could time that well. I was thinking of leaving it another week, doing another test if still no period, then going to the docs if it's still negative. I'm also getting cramps just now which I never usually get...maybe this is a delayed effect after getting my implant taken out? 

  • They say it doesn't as some women can get pregant right after they have it removed I was told my fertility would return 24 hours later there's not much the Drs will say Hun as they just say it's the hormone gettin out of your system, how long as it been since you had it removed with no period? I'm currently 3 days late image

  • It's been about a month but to be honest my head's a bit scrambled so I can't quite remember the exact date. Are you trying to fall pregnant? Isn't it so hard trying to wait long enough to do the test?! :) 

  • That's along time Hun maybe go to the Drs they might be able to help you, yeah trying for baby number 1 it's so hard waiting though 

  • Aww bet you're super excited! We're the same! Been reading that tests can show a negative result of done too soon so I'm kinda hoping that's what's going on. I've got the fatigue, cramps, cravings and obviously the missed period so fingers crossed its not a false alarm! Fingers crossed for you too- wishing you all the luck in the world! :) X

  • Yes you too! I've got no period symptoms at all I just hope it's gonna be positive rather than messed up periods again 

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