What to do next with TTC. Can someone please advise.

Where do I start. I am 35 and TTC for our first baby for the last 6+ months  

I had been taking a contraceptive pill called Microgynon 30 since I was 11 yrs old for my horrid periods. For the last 12+ months I have not been taking them and my periods you can set you watch to them so I know that my cycle is back to normal. For a couple of months now I have been taking TTC vitamins by Seven Seas and have been using regular ovulation kits to see wether I am ovulating or not and every test has come back saying that I am NOT ovulating 😫

I don't know what else I can do TTC. I am now thinking of going to see my GP and get some help advice and/or test done to see if there is anything wrong with me as to why I'm not pregnant.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so what did you do when TTC for so long. 


  • Hi mrswray that's so weird I was on the pill at that age for my periods and now the cause of my horrible periods was pcos! I was trying to conceive for 3 years a long time until hospital scan me and told me it was pcos and give me tablets to ovulate and finally I am now Pregnant! I'm on 22 so still young.. If I was you go to the doctors and say you've been trying over a year and nothing then they have to do something to help maybe scans xx

  • Also pcos make you not ovulate I had blood tests done to say I'm not ovulating but started taking clomid which made me ovulate and I fell pregnant straight away! Do you have irregular periods or normal? xx

  • PCOS?? Didn't know that. Think I'll have to check and see if I have that. I'll have a look round for Clomid and see if that helps with my ovulation.

    My periods are very regular and start on the same day and time every month. xx

  • look up pcos cant spell it I'm thick 😂😂, alot of women have it, i new I had it because I was putting on a lot of weight quickly, my periods are all over the place, and I was struggling to fall pregnant! It's taken me a year at the hospitals to get clomid but I'd rather you get it from hospital then online as some online can apparently cause you harm don't no why? Go to the doctors see what they say :)

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