Period cramps? Or pregnancy cramps?

Hey ladies, I'm trying for my first baby and am currently about 10 days late. I've done 3 cheap pregnancy tests which have all been negative. I have a few symptoms including cramps. They don't feel like regular period I just clutching at straws or is there a difference? Think I'm just so desperate to be a mum that any little thing gives me hope.


  • Hi hun...tbh when I fell pregnant with my little girl I had cramps and they felt exactly the same as pre period cramps..I found out after I was 2 days late, the thought of pregnancy didn't even enter my mind as I had those cramps I walked about with sanitary towels in my bag because I just assumed I would come on because of the cramps lol. I only took a test because I had milky white discharge and a lot of it and remember my friend telling me when she fell pregnant it was like she had a white period so took a test and I was. After ten days late tho I would assume something should show up by now on a test but however that being said every women is different. Maybe make a doctors appointment and have a blood test done maybe? Don't worry it will happen I was trying for 6 months after I stopped my pill and drove myself mad every month thinking I could be but then would come on...and the disappointment was I Know the feeling. Ithe will happen when you won't even expect it lol

    I hope it happens for you soon xxxx

  • Hey, thanks for the reply. Sounds exactly like what Im going through right now. You're right, the disappointment is unbarable :( Think I'll take your advice and phone the doc tomorrow. Thanks so much! Xxx

  • Are you having any other symptoms at all? Aw I know the feeling all to well I used to cry every month when I would come on in remember one month I was three days late and really thought I was turned out I was just late I was that upset I rang in work sick image but like I said if not this time it will happen trust me image Yeah I would hun. Keep me updated won't you :) I really hope you are. Xxx

  • If you don't mind may I ask you something

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